East St. Louis’ Curfew is Already Working

East St. Louis, or as we describe it to out-of-town friends “…I know it sounds like part of this city, but it’s not. Totally different city.”, instituted a new curfew recently and it’s already paying dividends after four kids were arrested violating the curfew while trying to break in to a home. Parks says the officer who caught them was out looking for minors breaking curfew. The curfew was put in place earlier in the week after a wave of violence in the city including the shooting deaths of three young men last weekend. [Read More]

Under 17 and in The Loop? Your Night Ends at 10p!

The University City city council recently approved the move to make the curfew for those under 18 years old 10 pm every night. This is a change of one hour on the weekdays and a full 2 hours on the weekends where the curfew used to be midnight. According to The Post Dispatch, Joe Edwards, Loop Godfather, approves of the move: Joe Edwards, representing the Loop Special Business District, told the council that young visitors would still be able to catch a movie at the Tivoli and get an ice cream afterward. [Read More]