Best School Lunch Ever and All It Took Was a Bunch of Sewage

Kids at an East St. Louis school had the best school lunch ever Wednesday when the school was forced to order 100 pizzas when a sewer line backed up in the cafeteria. Good for them for knowing the difference between the usual school lunch and actual sewage (the difference is a side of fries) East St. Louis Senior High School assistant superintendent Beth Shepperd said someone working in the lunch room noticed raw sewage seeping into the food preparation area about 45 minutes before lunch time. [Read More]

The Loop’s El Maguey: Now Serving Cock?

You spend your lunch hour on this lovely Friday afternoon at a local Mexican establishment and everything was pretty nice…except for the bill. Good thing we won’t be expensing this meal, or we’d probably have some explaining to do. We really don’t remember ordering that, and even if we accidentally ordered it by saying the Spanish word for it we definitely would have sent it back. We hate to be the guy to send things back to the kitchen because you look like such a douche, but “cock”, even for only $2, is where we draw the line. [Read More]