The Loop Hosted a Massive Fight and a Shooting Saturday Night

We were telling someone, just a couple of days ago, that “The Loop” was a great area of St. Louis and doesn’t have the issues the rest of the city seems to be unable to fix. “Stick to Delmar between The Pageant and Cicero’s and you’ll be fine.”

St. Louis you’ve made a liar out of us.

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun went on Twitter Saturday night and on the KMOX website (which inexplicably named: to tell the story of hearing gun shots ring out just across the street from where he was reporting on the recently broken up fight.

[a]t 11:10, a series of a half dozen or so gunshots rang out in the parking lot of Church’s Chicken. The sidewalks were filled with people who frantically dove behind tables, chairs, bushes and signs.

Calhoun continued to record while the shooting took place and has posted in on the KMOX story.

What can we do about this? The Mayor’s office is promising better police coverage, but that’s what they say about everything. Everyone that doesn’t live in the city are doing their part by continuing to go to Applebee’s, cover all local media outlet’s comment sections with latent racial comments and plan their yearly trip to the city to see the Cardinals so they can say “God! I go in to the city all the time and it’s a scary horrible place full of people that don’t look like me! Even the white people are skinny and free of non-ironic facial hair! Never again. No sir!” As for us in the city? It’s seems all we can do is not go out, order a pizza, and wait for the home invasion.

Both victims are in serious but stable condition.