Guy on Reddit is the First Across the new Grand Bridge

The new Grand Avenue Bridge is finally open, one lane each way, after about 18 months and apparently it’s pretty cool. We’ve haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but this guy on Reddit claims to be the first across it after the opening on his bike and he said it was cool. Today at 2:46PM, after a 2 year [sic] wait (and seconds after the ribbon cutting) I piloted the first vehicle to cross the newly opened Grand Avenue Bridge. [Read More]

The City’s New Revenue Plan: Phantom No Parking Signs

Oh those crafty folks running St. Louis! Parking tickets are a good revenue stream for the city, but what happens when people aren’t violating parking rules enough? If only we could make them think it was ok to park there and then say it wasn’t so they’d have to give us money? [ Scene: St. Louis City Budget Meeting] Mayor Slay: We need more money! The damn cops keep asking for more, we can’t cut any more services, we’re hemorrhaging people and we our plan to dig up and move North St. [Read More]