Guy on Reddit is the First Across the new Grand Bridge

Guy on Reddit is the First Across the new Grand Bridge

The new Grand Avenue Bridge is finally open, one lane each way,  after about 18 months and apparently it’s pretty cool. We’ve haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but this guy on Reddit claims to be the first across it after the opening on his bike and he said it was cool.

Today at 2:46PM, after a 2 year [sic] wait (and seconds after the ribbon cutting) I piloted the first vehicle to cross the newly opened Grand Avenue Bridge. (ME: “Can I be first across” CONSTRUCTION WORKER: “Fuck yeah, dude.” [true story])

The bridge may look nice, but we’re especially eager to see how the Metrolink station ends up because that thing was crazy scary before. Remember that thing? As if Metrolink wasn’t plenty scary to begin with, if you got out at Grand you were dropped off on a little concrete island with nothing around and the street a whole staircase above you. “Did that creepy guy get off the train too? The one with the weird eye holding the plastic Walmart bag of what appeared to be mushed up little pieces of meat?! I can’t see him! Lets just act like we’re stretching to causally look behind us…OMG there he is! The big fat lady security guard is busy telling someone how the ticket machine works. We’re dead.”  Then you get all the way up the stairs and if he’s still following you, all you have to do is walk either direction down Grand with next to no street lights. Choices of where you’ll be stabbed include a ghetto Rally’s to your left, or a a haunted Del Taco to your right. It’ll be hard to improve on that kind of scary, but if anyone can do it St. Louis can!

The bridge is set to open completely in another month, and with only the one lane and the looky loos we’re not going near it until then. Also, there’s the matter of who’s going to be the guy to have to tell the newly awakened bridge that it’s close friend Del Taco died last summer while the bridge was out of commission? Yikes. Not it!

via Reddit