Jim Edmonds 15 Steakhouse Learns What a Difference a Letter Can Make

People around town have been getting the following email…

From: Jim Edmonds’ F15teen Steakhouse

Subject: Free Luxury Ride to the Guns N’ Roses Concert

OMG the band that the 80’s left behind, Guns ‘n Roses are coming to town! Didn’t you hear? It must have been huge news considering the last time they took the stage here there was a “tussle” of some type (it was kinda big news)! It was everywhere right?! Guns ‘n Roses return to St. Louis! Wednesday, November 24th at the Scottrade Center! …wait wait wait wait wait. We didn’t hear anything about a Guns ‘n Roses concert! No no no! This issn’t adding up at all. Something smells fishy alright, real fishy, and we aren’t talking about those well-acted pains Edmonds use to fake in the outfield after a big catch.

Here’s a screenshot of the email (link):

There is something going on tonight at the Scottrade Center, but it’s not Guns ‘n Roses, it’s Guns ‘n Hoses. As in the boxing matches taking place between St. Louis area Police Officers and Firefighters, not the famed band fronted by Axl Foley Rose [Editor’s Note: Whoops! Though we stand by our Freudian slip of name dropping the far better Axl]. The part about a fight is pretty close though.

Well, we guess H’s and R’s are kinda like each other, in that an R is like a fancy H with its hand by it’s head and a their left leg kicked out. Seriously though, if this was just a true typo, we wouldn’t have mentioned it (We…ahem…have been know to throw a few typos out ourselves), but upon closer inspection, there’s not way they can claim typo here. Someone over there thought they were the only ones who knew a Guns ‘n Roses concert was going on! “AVOID THE HIGH-PRICED PARKING DOWNTOWN” and the frequent use of the word “concert” make it pretty clear.

We love our “boys” in blue and red for keeping us all safe(-ish), but we don’t expect the “Guns ‘N Hoses” boxing event to require you to park out of downtown to avoid the high prices. It would be pretty pimp to be the one guy rolling up to Scottrade in a “Luxury Limo Bus” though…and by “pimp” we mean kinda sad. Especially since you’d be rocking the complementary Axl wig and bandana supplied by F15teen. I mean those things only come by the gross and there aren’t any returns, so you’re getting one…or six…or 23. You know what? Just take them all and give them to the cops. Maybe they can use them for disguises in meth-house sting operations in Jefferson County.

Thank you for thinking of Jim Edmonds’ F15teen for all your imaginary concert parking and limo service needs!