Tuesday Morning Protests

On my way to work to day, I saw not one but two protests!  I mean these things weren’t exactly Malcolm X worthy, but protests all the same!

First we have the “Pro Lifers” outside of the Planned Parenthood on Forest Park Parkway in Midtown.


Way to go lady.  You really changed the minds of the groggy drivers going to work and the throngs of sluts heading to Planned Parenthood at 8:30 in the morning on a Tuesday.  I’ve seen these guys out there all the time and frankly my #1 problem with them is that it seems their convictions stop when its raining.  They are kicking ass and taking names with those crusty fetus posters when the sun is out, but when they wake up to a little rain they say “Eh.  Its more grown up sperm than a baby really.  I can take a day off.”

Then in the Loop we had this rowdy bunch who wanted me to stop the U.S. government from giving Israel aid and they also wanted to end “oppression”.


How can you refuse a movement with that kind of power?!

I put a call in to President Obama, and I’ll see what I can do.  He owes me a favor…I voted for him.