The Uncle Bill’s Owner Was Kidnapped

The owner of Uncle Bill’s Pancake & Dinner House was kidnapped and robbed Sunday. Bet you thought it was the South City location didn’t you?! Ha, wrong! It was the Ballwin location! Suck it! City: 1, County: 23,474,932,729,239,234,324,732,618,190 Now as long as the criminals don’t make it obvious they were actually from the city, that one point will be confirmed… Richard Lee, 75, of Creve Coeur was about to count the weekend earnings in his office at the Manchester location along the 14000 block of Manchester Road when two men grabbed his arms and sprayed pepper spray in his face, according to his wife of 46 years, Chi Yang Lee. [Read More]

Man Fights Ballwin For His Right to Flip Off Bad Drivers

An interesting court case is happening in Ballwin, where a man is fighting for free speech…of the speechless kind. A Florissant man is fighting a ticket he got for giving the middle finger to another driver in Ballwin. The man is fighting the ticket based on a similar case in Pittsburgh. That ticket was thrown out as a violation of free speech. Holy hell! You can get tickets for that? [Read More]