Man Fights Ballwin For His Right to Flip Off Bad Drivers

An interesting court case is happening in Ballwin, where a man is fighting for free speech…of the speechless kind.

A Florissant man is fighting a ticket he got for giving the middle finger to another driver in Ballwin.

The man is fighting the ticket based on a similar case in Pittsburgh. That ticket was thrown out as a violation of free speech.

Holy hell! You can get tickets for that?! Luckily we’re a master of the sly middle finger. To think of all the double tickets we could have gotten if only the cop had noticed which finger I was rubbing my eye with makes us cringe, but luckily, we’re the best. There’s also the “point in a direction with your middle finger” trick, a total classic, the “pick your nose with a middle finger”, and of course the “interpretive dance with middle fingers up and flaying arms and legs”.

Even with all those tricks, we still find the direct approach to be the best with horrible drivers, and that’s why we here at Punching Kitty are fully behind our angry buddy here in his fight with the Ballwin powers for the right to tell another guy that he sucks ass at driving.

In fact, here’s to you Ballwin!

via KMOV