St. Charles Man Exposes Himself at Pool Twice This Month

A St. Charles man has been arrested after he exposed himself to the patrons at Wapelhorst Park pool Tuesday.

The St. Charles County man, 53, pulled down his swimsuit, exposing his buttocks and genitals about 1 p.m. at the park’s public pool in the 1900 block of Muegge Road, police said. Several other customers, including children and seniors, were using the pool at the time.

We’ll give him credit for being confident enough to stare a public shrinkage viewing the face and still decide to go through with a plan, but maybe there’s a better way to go about drying off your winkie dink.

St. Charles Lt. Mike Akers said Wapelhorst Park staff ordered the man to leave the pool a few weeks ago for similar conduct, but he was not arrested then.

We’re giving out warnings for first-time dick flashers now? Really…that’s where public pools have sunk to? I guy hops out of the water, pulls his worm out and the staff says “Get outta here you rascal!” Was no thought given to the idea of calling the cops the first time? (“Should we call the cops?” “Nah, he’s cool. He definitely won’t do that again! I used to let him rummage through and sniff the bathing suits some of the kids left behind, but I said one more time and he looses that privilege.”) Who made that call, the 14 year-old head lifeguard? Man, they sure do run a tight ship over at the Wapelhorst Park pool. You can tell by their “Pool Rules” sign:

  1. No running

  2. No rafts or tubes are allowed in the pool

  3. No roughhousing

  4. No exposing yourself to everyone twice in a 30 day period.

  5. No outside food or drink.

via STLToday