Dad Accidentally Shoots Kid While Talking About Gun Safety

A father shot his 11-year old kid in the face Friday night during a discussion on firearm safety in St. Joseph, Missouri. Seems like a tough lesson, we guess this is one of those “building character” kind of teaching moments and it probably worked. Junior’s not going to forget where the safety switch is now. The St. Joseph News-Press reports that the boy sustained serious injuries Friday night while cleaning guns and planning a hunting trip with his father. [Read More]

Governor Nixon Went Hunting and Gave His Kill to Homeless People

Governor Jay Nixon took down a big kill during his latest hunting excursion and in a freaking press release, has announced that he is donating the meat to the homeless. No word yet if the Governor plans on doing a press release if he gives a quarter to a bum at the Metrolink station. Governor Nixon gave his kill to Share the Harvest, a program that allows hunters to donate their kills to be processed and then disbursed to local food banks and shelters. [Read More]

Hunter Has Internet but Bad Aim, Takes Credit For Drowning Deer

Did you hear the one about the guy that used Google Earth to find the best place to hunt deer, lined up his shot but missed, causing the deer to fall down a cliff and drown…and then totally take credit anyway like he did something special? [Joe] Graber added the Internet to his arsenal, using the Google Earth mapping service to pinpoint paths the buck would likely follow to pursue female deer. [Read More]