Hunter Has Internet but Bad Aim, Takes Credit For Drowning Deer

Robin hoodDid you hear the one about the guy that used Google Earth to find the best place to hunt deer, lined up his shot but missed, causing the deer to fall down a cliff and drown…and then totally take credit anyway like he did something special?

[Joe] Graber added the Internet to his arsenal, using the Google Earth mapping service to pinpoint paths the buck would likely follow to pursue female deer. It was raining Oct. 26, when the buck wandered down one of the paths by a creek at dusk. Graber was lying in wait.

From about 40 yards out, Graber let fly an arrow aimed at the buck’s lungs. But a tree deflected it, and the arrow ripped through the deer’s ear. The startled animal flipped into the air, slid down an embankment, fell over a 20-foot cliff into the water and drowned.

Nice.  You got em buddy.

Graber said other hunters later gave him some grief for how he scored the kill, suggesting he may not have taken a clear enough shot. He said he took what he thought was a sure shot at the buck’s chest, but he couldn’t have anticipated the deflection.

However, Chris Brown did give him a call to say “Nicely done.  I would have bit the deer too though.”

Apparently the dear he bagged scared and tripped down a cliff was a 25 point buck which is big or something which is impressive to anyone west of 270 and east of the river.  It’s all lost on us city folk, but we have a translation that might help: This is like when you do a drive-by shooting, and you miss but it ricochets off a mail box and scares the big fat guy you wanted to hit enough that he falls over and drowns in the big gulp he was drinking.

A kill’s a kill.  Plus that guy was straight trippin’ anyway.

via STLToday