She “Didn’t Say Anything” so He Stuck His Hand Down Her Pants

There are some lawsuit case files you don’t want to read, but there are others you just can’t put down, like really great book, or something glued to your hands.

Take for instance the case of Calvin West and Baldor Electric Company.

Mr. West was let go from his post at Baldor and filed for unemployment, which was blocked by Baldor because, as they claim, he was fired for cause. (Hang with us here, it gets good in a second) What cause you ask? For leaving work without permission…to sexually harass a fellow employee.

From the document (emphasis ours):

West testified on his own behalf that the incident between him and the female co-worker was consensual.  West explained that he and the co-worker were walking together and decided to take the “long way” back to their job site when they stopped.  West asked if he could see the co-worker’s breasts since she told him previously that she would show him her breasts. West testified that he asked his co-worker if he could touch her breasts and she said yes.  West then testified that he asked the co-worker if he could kiss her breasts and she said yes. West explained that in the midst of kissing the co-worker’s breasts, she “didn’t say anything” so he stuck his hand down her pants.

This is shocking news to say the least. If we would known that silence from a chick is basically her giving you the go-ahead to dive in to her pants we would have had been a lot more successful in high school. In fact, looking back on it, it seems like every broad we talked to was actually telling us to grab a handful of sniz! Weird.

The rest of the document is blah blah blah legal stuff blah blah, and then the court told West he lost his appeal.

His appeal with his “car girlfriend” is on-going.