Dairy Queen’s Reefer Bash 2: The Electric Boogaloo

Sometimes things are so awesome, you have no choice but to squeeze a sequel out.  Take Legally Blonde, wait no…Teen Wolf!…err…um…Speed!!  Nevermind.  Movies are a bad example, but Dairy Queen’s “Titz n’ Reefer Bash” from a few days back is!

Oh thats right!  Our eagled-eye’d (or horny, pot smoking) reader has spotted a change to the sign!  Note the now added “2” on the left but still the same awesome-adding “69” on the right.

I like to think they these parties are run by a group of rough-around-the-edges but lovable kids that have had a rough go of it and just desperately need the money a party like this brings in to keep their community center safe from an evil old white-guy developer that wants to turn it in to a movie theatre or strip mall.  The problem is that these kids can’t dance, so there goes a money-making dance show, and they can’t sing…but they can get their hands on large amounts of pot and know a bunch of sluts!  Bingo.