St. Louis County to Stall Some Bait Houses Because Criminals Are Stupid

The St. Louis County Council is taking a vote soon to be the first place in the nation to install “bait houses,” because we have lots of empty houses and calling some of them a special names means you can cross them off the total number of empty homes list!

The St. Louis County Police Department proposed the idea to crack down on criminals breaking into vacant foreclosed houses. One of the detectives got the idea from the “bait cars” that are used to track car thieves. Some of the items inside the bait houses would have tracking devices that police will monitor.

They make it sound so exciting with the “tracking devices” and such!  …its called a freakin camera.

Also, they make it sound like such a new exciting idea, but maybe the St. Louis County Council hasn’t ever seen Dateline!  Hello!  Chris Hansen had this idea ages ago!  …take a house, load it full of cameras, put a nice LCD TV or an 18 year old that looks 13 by the open window, then just sit back and wait for the crazies to come in and try to pull a snatch n’ grab (or grab n’ snatch as it were).

I really hope we get a show on KPLR with the County’s bait houses!  “Take a seat right there.  Take off your ski mask…what were you planning on doing with my TV exactly?”