Is Dairy Queen Sponsoring a Reefer Bash?

One of our eagle-eyed, sex-machine, chick-magnet, party-loving readers sent in these photos they snapped of the Dairy Queen sign at the corner of Lafayette Ave and South 7th Street in Soulard.



Can anyone give us any info on the “Titz ‘n Reefer bash?   I hear there were both “Titz” and “Reefer” which are really all you need for an awesome party…also, ice cream cake helps, which is why that this party being on this sign is like the harbinger of the greatest party of all time!

You wanna know else why this party seems crazy awesome?  They threw in a “69” on the end.  Only the best things do that!  Its like a sexy, awesome version of putting a cherry on top.  Like at first I was all “Oh cool a Dairy Queen Titz ‘n Reefer party.  Eh, I think I’ll just stay in that night and watch a mo…wait!  69!  Nevermind!  I’m totally in now!  I dig it!!!!”

For the record, this works with pretty much anything.  You take something that cool and throw in a trailing “69” Bam!  Double awesome because of the sexy 69!  Watch.  Take for instance this photo of new friend-of-the-site Craig Cheatham of KMOV, news channel 4.


Its a cool photo of my man looking all reporter-esque…but watch this:


Bam! 20% more awesome.  Consider yourself slightly more educated.

You’re welcome.