The ‘End Eminent Domain’ Sign Can Stay, But Lets Change It Because We Have Some Sweet Ideas!

The ‘End Eminent Domain’ Sign Can Stay, But Lets Change It Because We Have Some Sweet Ideas!

The “End Eminent Domain” mural isn’t going anywhere. The sign, which is visible from I-44, has been on the side of an apartment building for years now, but just finally got the right to stay after the man who commissioned it, Jim Roos, won his final appeal against the city Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case.

We’d like to think the Supreme Court justices read the case and said something to the effect of “Seriously? Who gives a crap about a sign? Here’s an idea St. Louis, maybe bring a few more criminals to trial before you worry about this dude and his painting. Get this shit outta here!”

“By declining review, the Supreme Court let stand a very strong 8th Circuit opinion that provides strong free speech protection, not only for Jim Roos but all citizens in the 8th Circuit,” said Michael Bindas, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice.

Yeah! What’s up now city?!

In a prepared statement, City Counselor Patti Hageman said the city was disappointed and pointed out that appeals courts are split on an area of this law that “continues to evolve.” She noted, “In the meantime, the city will continue to look at its own ordinances and amend them as necessary.”

God you suck. You’re disappointed that our nation’s highest court said a guy can paint the side of his own building? We’re disappointed that we can’t take a weekend vacation without freaking out we’ll come back to an empty lot with just a few Weird Al CDs and any skid-marked undies piled up where our kitchen was. You tell us which one sounds more worthy of tax payer’s money.

Regardless, what’s on that wall now is of no concern of the city, or if you really want to drive the point home to our city officials, lets do this thing! People ignore the sign anyway now, it’s 2012 and you’ve gotta spice this thing up if you want some attention! Add some hot chicks, something badass like a tank for the urban youths, and then throw in some social networking because that’s all the rage these days. Who’s gonna stop you now right?!

Of course, while we’re totally down with eminent domain ending and all, you could really turn some heads by going all out and making a statement that the world needs to hear: “American Ninja 2” was a sweet ass movie! You don’t even know!!

Just throwing some ideas your way Mr. Roos. Totally your call and no one else’s! America! Wooo!

via STLToday