The Best Video of a Tranny Eating Chicken Wings You’ll See Today

The recently relaunched Vital Voice magazine has slowly been releasing videos under the Vital Vision brand on YouTube and although they’ve all been good, nothing beats their latest: “9 Chicken Wings + Dieta Pepsi” Ms Dieta Pepsi, expect a call or email from us. You seem like the greatest interview of all time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to figure out what category this post should fall in to. [Read More]

The Vital Voice is Out, Go Get a Copy

We missed the launch party last night because of the weather and various other reasons, but we wanted to spread the word that the Vital Voice’s first issue back is out!

Check it out!

Also if anyone has any photos of the event, we’d love it if you would share.

The Vital Voice Gets Laryngitis

According to The Riverfront Times [Editor’s Note: Who we are mad at them right now! Boo!] St. Louis’ only Gay/Lesbian/Transgender newspaper is shutting its doors until 2010. Voice publisher and owner, Pam Schneider, tells Daily RFT that she decided to shutdown the paper for the rest of the year to concentrate on a redesign of the publication. “It just made sense to take the time and money we need to focus on coming out in 2010 the way we want,” she says. [Read More]

VitalVoice Profiles Ed Reggi

VitalVoice Profiles Ed Reggi
Who is Ed Reggi? The VitalVoice and I are so glad you asked: Reggi, who moved to St. Louis in the 1990s, is a nationally known actor, director, producer and educator. As an entertainer, Reggi knows a lot of people and was well aware of his unique situation of having mass appeal not just to the gay community but also to a wide range of people who might not think about GLBT issues in their everyday lives. [Read More]