The Vital Voice Gets Laryngitis

cher_believeAccording to The Riverfront Times [Editor’s Note: Who we are mad at them right now! Boo!] St. Louis’ only Gay/Lesbian/Transgender newspaper is shutting its doors until 2010.

Voice publisher and owner, Pam Schneider, tells Daily RFT that she decided to shutdown the paper for the rest of the year to concentrate on a redesign of the publication.

“It just made sense to take the time and money we need to focus on coming out in 2010 the way we want,” she says.

Too bad that its come to this, but good to hear they will be coming back in a few months, but haven’t they learned nothing from Cher?!  You aren’t supposed to pre-announce your return, you are just supposed to do it all of a sudden…with auto-tune.

[Editor’s Note: Ok, we are over it now. We love the RFT.]