Mizzou Forgets How Cell Phones Work

pinkel315mu07camp082607flasSo say you are an important guy in some respects and because of that, you have a lot of phone numbers and text messages on your phone.  Now say you get a new phone, which all of us seem to do about once a month these days.  Wouldn’t you make sure to clear out your old phone before getting rid of it?  Of course you would, because you aren’t from 1977, you know what a cell phone is, and you aren’t a moron…or at least a big enough one to think that someone might take a peak in your important by proxy phone!

Now read this and tell me what you think about the University of Missouri:

The university, in a routine sale of old stuff, sold a box of 25 cell phones that once belonged to various people in the athletic department, for $190 to a Columbia, Mo., man named Mike Bellman who planned to take them apart and sell the parts on eBay. But when Bellman got the phones no one had ever deleted their contents.

This is from a staff that would probably rather let you kick them straight in the balls rather than even think about leaving a playbook with all the pages in it, but thinks nothing of just swapping phones and handing a box full of them to Johnny Whomever.

Also, this is nice (emphasis mine):

Bellman rejected the school’s offer to refund his money in exchange for the phones, or to let the school erase the personal information, and the school wouldn’t pay Bellman’s $1,000 asking price (which is what he thought he could get for the parts), so he put them up for sale. According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, he was asking for $3,000, and the paper reported last week that he got offers for the phones from six collectors. With the potential for mayhem rife, he required the buyer to sign an affidavit pledging that the information in the phones would not be used to embarrass the university.

Too late.

…oh and coach?  Enough with the stupid hats.

via STLToday