Kurt Warner a Possible Dancing With the Stars Entrant?

Could retired Arizona Cardinals quarterback and St. Louis demi-god, Kurt Warner, is rumored to be in the next set of has-beens/trying-to-bes on the ABC show Dancing With the Stars.

Kurt Warner, formerly of Arizona and St. Louis, who is reportedly under consideration for the fall season of DWTS. So reports Lisa de Moraes, the Washington Post’s television columnist from the annual summer critics tour.

While DWTS has previously hosted running backs (Emmitt Smith), wide receivers (Jerry Rice) and defensive linemen (Warren Sapp) , Warner would be the first quarterback to be a contestant on the show.

This news is of course just a big giant, gift wrapped, wet dream to the St. Louis Warner faithful and of course KDNL (ABC 30) who gets a ratings windfall by showing Kurt Warner dancing like a moron with some hot chick that he will undoubtedly require a balloon to be in-between them while dancing to prohibit any un-pure “reactions”.

Prediction: Warner will lose, but frankly that’s the way to go. Show up, do a few moves and get the hell out of there before whatever happened to NFL legend Jerry Rice happens to you:

via Fanhouse