Belleville Pool Gives People Parasites

A community pool in Belleville had to shut down yesterday, during one of the hottest days ever in the history of time. Sure the water felt nice on such a hot day, but did it feel puking and parasite nice? Not sure. Maybe just invest in a Slip n’ Slide.

The health department told the city to use more chlorine after one swimmer became sick. After that, three more swimmers became ill.

Those kids sound like little pussies. You want to go to the local pool? You gotta be tough. Parasites just one of the many pool related dangers afoot! Pee, poo, parasites, bitchy moms, fat people that don’t do us the courtesy of a cover-up t-shirt, or worse yet fat people that do wear a t-shirt in the pool, but go with a white one! What the hell is that? How is that helping anything? In fact seeing that translucent fabric clinging to your man boobs and back rolls might be worse that just going shirtless. How do they not know that thing about white becoming see-through in water? Haven’t their parents ever been to Spring Break?

Then there’s the poor kids that just come up and wear regular shorts in the pool. Sure there is nothing structurally wrong with regular shorts in the pool, but what the hell? Swim trucks seem like they can’t be that hard to come by and its not like they go out of style. …don’t get us started on the cut-off jeans swimming trunks, aka swim jorts. There’s no reason for those. People with those deserve their parasites.

via KMOV