Joe Buck’s Show Got Cancelled

St. Louis’ own sports talkin’ prodigy Joe Buck’s HBO show has been cancelled, which is quite a statement if you can’t even get people that pay for the privilege to get the network to watch your show.

Buck’s show kind of got rating when Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show and Dirty Work (the greatest movie ever made) made the first episode about as awkward as walking in on your mom going at it with some guy you went to high school with…and then Artie Lange comes in.

“Joe Buck is one of the premier broadcasters in our industry,” [Ross] Greenburg said.  “We have made the decision not to continue his talk show and wish him all the best and continued success with his wide array of responsibilities at Fox Sports.”

We love this part of the press release:

“Joe worked tirelessly on the three shows, and we appreciate his professionalism and immense talent.”

Joe worked tirelessly…on the three shows?!  Ya think we’re dumb HBO? You don’t have to lick Buck’s butt-hole. You’re canceling the show because it wasn’t good, not because Buck just worked too hard. Its like saying to the new janitor at work “Well Steve we’re gonna have to let you go. It was an honor to work with you though and you really cleaned the hell out of that toilet on your first day for 15 minutes right up until we had this meeting.”

HBO followed up with…Joe Buck is the greatest person on the earth. His farts smell like cinnamon sugar and his taint sweat is the best aftershave money can buy….but…it turns out that when the clock turns 10 people that pay for HBO would rather be watching pseudo-porn where the sex is so fake it looks like he’s giving it to her in her belly button.

Look for Buck humoring Tim McCarver and trying not to cut himself on Jeanne Zelasko’s face all summer long on Fox.