Joe Buck’s Show Got Cancelled

St. Louis’ own sports talkin’ prodigy Joe Buck’s HBO show has been cancelled, which is quite a statement if you can’t even get people that pay for the privilege to get the network to watch your show. Buck’s show kind of got rating when Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show and Dirty Work (the greatest movie ever made) made the first episode about as awkward as walking in on your mom going at it with some guy you went to high school with…and then Artie Lange comes in. [Read More]

Joe Buck Tells Everyone St. Louis is the Best Sports Town

In Joe Bucks new (?) “Buck Shot” online web short series, Buck, after his totally flat “I’m a national sports guy” world series winner call in 2006, has finally come out in favor of St. Louis on a national level! Buck and his crew interview many St. Louis personalities, including not one, but two free 101 ESPN commercials for his friends over there (Read: Randy K.). Here’s the clip: Not bad. [Read More]