KSDK Hitches It’s Wagon to the Worst Football Team in NFL (Rams)

We know what you are thinking: “Gosh I wish there were more shows about football on, and specifically shows about the worst team in the league.”

Well buddy, we have a surprise for you!

KSDK-TV said Tuesday that it will launch a new, half-hour Sunday morning sports program in September as part of a new agreement with the St. Louis Rams.

Tentatively titled “Rams Tailgate,” the magazine-type program will showcase the lives of Rams players and coaches both on and off the field, the television station said, and “go beyond the traditional X’s and O’s of typical football pregame programs.”

See the marketing magic here is telling everyone it won’t be the same football show and then just make what we all know they will make: 30 minutes of Frank Cusumano blathering on about how excite Mike Martz was.

The need for this show arrived when KSDK realized that once the Cardinal’s season was over they had no way to interrupt good sports coverage with the crappiest sports coverage as possible just long enough to ruin the sporting event you can only watch on their station.

Well played.

via St. Louis Business Journal

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