Branson, MO Officials Aren’t Comfortable With a Nelly Concert

Branson, MO: Progress, diversity, words we mean the opposite of.

For the second time, officials for country music mecca Branson, MO have denied a proposed concert by rapper and St. Louis native, Nelly.

Concert organizer Paul Dunn announced on July 4 that Nelly would perform as part of the reopening of the Grand Palace. But the city on July 9 denied a special event permit, citing concerns about parking, crowd control and noise.

This make perfect sense since Branson isn’t set up for concerts. I don’t think anyone’s played music there ever actually. And parking? Totally agree. Branson is definitely a rap kinda town, so there would of course be a parking situation.

Oh and Nelly’s a black guy that last I checked doesn’t hold an acoustic guitar.

During the Alderman meeting, one old white guy shouted “Yeah! And if you bring that Metrolink out here, the crime with just come with it!”

“Jerry? We’re talking about a different issue, probably also seated in racism.”

“Oh sorry. Everybody. …Parking will be a nightmare!”

“Good save.”

via KMOV / AP