Steve Jackson Talks About Rams Receivers, Lockouts and Hair on the T. Ocho Show

Where can the St. Louis Rams all-time leading rusher go to talk about the lack or Rams receivers, a possible NFL lockout and how great his hair is, all while looking like he’s getting his senior photo taken? Versus T. Ocho show!

The awkward show, hosted by…um…it doesn’t matter, with controversial Cincinnati wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco on a big screen, has a weekly guest that the two receivers mumble questions at while the host tries to save the show and try not to catch a look at himself in something reflective and have an instant suicidal reaction to where he career has lead him.

On how T.O. was nearly a Ram this past offseason:

Owens: “I was like…litterally 24 hours away from being in St. Louis and this T. Ocho wouldn’t be possible right now.

Jackson: No it wouldn’t man. You know. We would have been a good tag-team, bro, you know. You wouldn’t have to fight for catches around here, I’ll tell you that.

[Awkward laughing]

On the differences in the show if Jackson was one of the hosts:

Jackson: It seems that you are lacking some style, some hair. I would bring a whole different angle from it.

On the possibility of an NFL lockout next year:

Jackson: Well the lockout is definitely possible. It’s something we need to be conscious about and we tell the young kids to save their money and be prepared for a lockout.

Interesting, but stupid…just like Terrell Owens himself. The important thing is that none of that stupid transfered to our boy SJ39. You’re cool, right Steve?!

Well, crap.

(Full video after the jump!)

via Saturday’s Bernie Bits