Stupid Parents Are Apparently Also Deep Sleepers

Saturday night, the parents of a “4.0 average” daughter living in East Carondelet, Illinois went to bed with their graduation party of 20 kids still going. They woke up after 2am with about 100 kids scattering as police were trying to get a handle on the situation while trying to dodge the drunken driving of one party goer.

Disappointment is what James Hasty and his wife were feeling Sunday after hosting a graduation party for their high school Senior Saturday night. “Straight-A” student, 4.0 grade point average,” Hasty says describing his 18 year old daughter.

Chick sounds like a stone-cold slut. Good grades + probably pretty cute + popular + we’re guessing a member of every cool-kid club there could be = sluttage.

Police were called around 2:00 a.m. for a report of a fight at the home. When officers arrived, a number of teens tried to run including an 18-year-old who police say got into a green full-sized Chevy pick-up and took off down a dirt road. When an officer, on foot, tried to stop the truck police say the teen kept driving. “He made eye contact with him and the officer had to jump out of the way or he would have been struck,” said Woodall. Then police say the teen took off driving through farm fields, trying to evade officers.

Well played son. Nothing like running over a cop to complete that high school time. Here’s hoping you are the star quarterback buddy, or you’re in some deep doo.

Back to the parents, how the hell do you sleep through a party ballooning to 5 times its size and the cops rolling in? We’d love to hear the punishment for this party-turn-trainwreck, and also wonder what kind of penalties you, as the owners of the property, are looking at. We at Punching Kitty have some sway with the East Carondelet police, so if you want our help to ease your issues, just shoot us an email with your address, phone number, names, photos of your daughter, her cell phone number and places where she’s ticklish and we’ll see what we can do.

via KSDK