St. Louis is Looking For 24 of You, and It Will Find You

According to the Globe-Democrat, managed to kill 24 less people in 2009 than in 2008.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported there were 143 homicides recorded in the city for 2009. That’s 24 fewer than the 167 homicides reported in the city during 2008. Police departments record crimes such as homicides that become part of the FBI’s Uniform Crime statistics

24 of you got away…and St. Louis pissed.

You think you’re going to get away with this?  Pffft.  Maybe in Salt Lake City, but not here.  Not in one of America’s most dangerous cities.   24 people cheated death in St. Louis last year and St. Louis hates cheaters!

Ha ha ha…another funny article from Punching Kitty!  Well laugh it up buddy.  You just wait until 2010 ends with exactly 24 more deaths than in 2009.