Comparing 101 ESPN’s Shadowy Host to JC Corcoran’s Head

I made a quick mention in my Friday night post about 101 ESPN and JC Corcoran that even the shadowy figure in the 101 ESPN banner looks a hell of a lot like JC. Well if there’s anything that screamed “Photoshop me some more evidence!” this is it right? Bam: Would 101 be already making banners but still not ready to make an announcement? Who knows, but I’ll be dammed if that shadow doesn’t look exactly like JC’s noggin. [Read More]

The ESPN Mothership Turns on WXOS

Yesterday was a big St. Louis sporting news day! Tony LaRussa made his decision to return to manage the Cardinals for at least 2010 official and confirmed the rumor that Mark McGwire would be on board as the team’s new hitting coach! This is a major local news story that broke through the bounds of St. Louis and got national coverage. Obviously the network synonymous with sports, ESPN, picked up and story and when they needed that local view they turned to the obvious radio station choice…KMOX? [Read More]

101 ESPN’s Randy Karraker to Buy Rams?

First off, let me do a little finger wagging at 101 ESPN for not including the mighty Punching Kitty on their press release list. Secondly, here’s their new publicity stunt. Its so obviously as stunt we normally wouldn’t report on it, but we really like Randy Karraker around here, so what the hell… Here’s the part the matters: WXOS-FM’s Randy Karraker announced that he is stepping up to the plate in a bid to purchase the St. [Read More]

Sara Dayley Might Get Benched at 101 ESPN

Sara Dayley Might Get Benched at 101 ESPN
This isn’t something we are happy to report, but we are hearing that Sara Dayley, the morning sports update reporter for the FM Sports station, may be on her way out, with reports varying between her getting let go and her leaving on her own. There has always been a contingent that wasn’t a fan of her updating skills and still others believe that she was hired based on her looks rather than other, more radio-appropriate. [Read More]