Sara Dayley Might Get Benched at 101 ESPN

sara_dayley_headerThis isn’t something we are happy to report, but we are hearing that Sara Dayley, the morning sports update reporter for the FM Sports station, may be on her way out, with reports varying between her getting let go and her leaving on her own.

There has always been a contingent that wasn’t a fan of her updating skills and still others believe that she was hired based on her looks rather than other, more radio-appropriate. skills.  From what we are hearing those whispers may have finally found the ear of those in charge at 101.  In fact, 101 ESPN has, within the last few days, posted a career opportunity for a “Sports Update Anchor

Dayley has previously worked at 101 ESPN competitor, 590 “The Fan”.

We will see what else we can find on this story, and if you know anything, give us a call on our Tip Line: 314.266.TIPS (our tips are always anonymous)