Local ISP UVerse Blocking Access to 4Chan.org

death-star-attAccording to both a TechCrunch report, and confirmations from local sources, it appears that AT&T’s internet service, dubbed “UVerse” is blocking access to one of the biggest, and craziest internet message boards 4Chan.org (specifically they are blocking access to img.4chan.org, where all the content is held) as of last night.

For those that don’t know, 4chan.org is the home base and originator of many of the web’s favorite memes like LOLCats and the infamous Rick Roll (our favorite meme to come out of 4chan is the lesser know “Zach Braff Quotes“)  4chan.org is also the meeting place for the online mob of Anonymous, who is famously entwined in a battle with the pseudo-religion Scientology.  Other than the 1984-esque insanity of blocking a website, it would be particularly dumb for AT&T to do anything that would incur the wrath of Anonymous.  In fact, it looks like the uprising is already brewing, check this out: twitter.com/4chan4ever

Inquires to AT&T have returned reports of them cutting off access to the site because of a bandwidth drain related to frequent DDOS attacks.  To us, it seems if that was the case, it would better if they had simply throttled the connection to the site rather than cutting it off completely.

Even if this is nothing to be worried about as Encyclopedia Dramatica says its just a stinging reminder that they can do things like this for any reason, both just and unjust.

Do you use UVerse?  Does this kind of thing bother you?  Are you /b/tard?  We’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below or call our tip line (314-266-TIPS) with your rant.

The 4Chan thread on this issue (NSFW)

Update: It appears access to 4chan.org is now back.  AT&T confirmed the blocking but for bandwidth issues.