Bryan Burwell Out at 101ESPN?

Though the usually prompt expunging of a jettisoned host from a radio website still hasn’t happened as of this writing, Dan Ceasar of is reporting that his fellow columnist Bryan Burwell has been yanked from his own show on the FM sport talk station, 101 ESPN. Sources said the move was ratings-related and not tied to any other issue, and that Burwell still could be involved in Rams game day programming. [Read More]

Something is Different With ‘The Morning After’…

We didn’t care one bit about the news a few weeks back that sports talk host Tim McKernan, in conjunction with, was buying the first half of the day on the stumpy-towered 1380 AM, but we have to say, the usually funny Morning After show on 1380 has tanked recently. The new focus on interviewing broads for another show has taken the time that was usually filled with actual talk about sports. [Read More]

Sara Dayley Might Get Benched at 101 ESPN

Sara Dayley Might Get Benched at 101 ESPN
This isn’t something we are happy to report, but we are hearing that Sara Dayley, the morning sports update reporter for the FM Sports station, may be on her way out, with reports varying between her getting let go and her leaving on her own. There has always been a contingent that wasn’t a fan of her updating skills and still others believe that she was hired based on her looks rather than other, more radio-appropriate. [Read More]

Is a 1380 Sale Imminent?

There is word that there has been a complete hiring freeze at Simmons owned stations (thats 1380AM and 1490AM here in St. Louis) because of a possible up coming sale of all properties in Texas and Missouri. Its no secret 1380 is in serious trouble after the recent firings that left only one person on the business side for the entire station, but we aren’t sure about the heresy of a full station sale. [Read More]

Brian McKenna Jumping to 1380?

…and the St. Louis sports talk orgy continues… We have just received word that Brian McKenna, formally of KFNS 590 is jumping from one sinking ship to another as he will be starting as cohost of the Bernie Miklasz Show (2p-6p) as soon as tomorrow (Feb 9th). We know that Bernie has had his share of cohosts since Randy Karraker was let go due to budget constraints (and later landed with the new 101 ESPN). [Read More]