This Top 10 List Seems A Little Lame

Over at the 24/7 live show that is, host Chris Pirillo asked his viewers for a list of their favorite tourist attractions in their home town.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the problem:  It’s kind of a lame list.

For those that didn’t/can’t watch the video, here’s what the dude sent in:

  1. The Arch.
  2. City Museum
  3. Cathedral Basilica
  4. Science Center
  5. The Zoo
  6. Botanical Gardens
  7. The A.B. Tour
  8. Forest Park
  9. Museum of Transportation
  10. The Loop

I count 50-60% of that list as acceptable.  The rest are boring or lame.  The Museum of Transportation?  Thats how I start off a wild trip to St. Louis!  Woooo!  Also, while we agree on principle with the “Forest Park” item, dropping all that in there as one item is pretty lame.  Makes me think this guy doesn’t even live in the city and is just putting it on there because he’s heard the name a few times.  However, we agree that The Loop we feel is better served grouped together since, although we love the Loop, not one thing there is much of a stand-alone attraction.

Enough of this!  Here is the tourist list, in no particular order:

  1. City Museum
  2. The Loop
  3. Busch Stadium (during winter, replace this with the ice skating rink in Forest Park)
  4. The Zoo
  5. The A.B. Tour (while its still worth going on)
  6. Art Museum and its beautiful surroundings
  7. Ted Drewes
  8. The Magic House (we haven’t been there for a while, but we loved it as a kid)
  9. Cherokee Street [Editor’s Note: Here’s a video we did during the “hiatus” on it.]
  10. …eh…alright fine…The Arch.

Thoughts?  Did I leave something out?  Did the Magic House go south? Let me know in the comments.

You can watch Chris go through more lists and watching him scratch his but on