101 ESPN’s Randy Karraker to Buy Rams?

randy_karrakerFirst off, let me do a little finger wagging at 101 ESPN for not including the mighty Punching Kitty on their press release list.

Secondly, here’s their new publicity stunt.  Its so obviously as stunt we normally wouldn’t report on it, but we really like Randy Karraker around here, so what the hell…

Here’s the part the matters:

WXOS-FM’s Randy Karraker announced that he is stepping up to the plate in a bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise.  Karraker made this announcement on the air this afternoon at 5:05pm on 101 ESPN.

With the recent debacle of Rush Limbaugh’s efforts to join Dave Checketts’ quest to purchase the team, and the rampant rumors about the Rams potential sale and move back to Los Angeles, Karraker was reminded of how bad it hurt whenleft St. Louis.  And although there are a reported six potential groups interested in purchasing the team, none have stood football  out from the rest of the competition.  Rather than just sit and watch it happen again, Karraker decided to do something about it, and has created the Randy Karraker: Save the Rams Fund-and Fan-Raising Campaign.

Of course nothing can come out of ESPN 101 without having several mentions of Program Director Jason Barrett.

101 ESPN Program Director Jason Barrett notes, “Randy is pulling together all of the people he knows, and is calling on the public to raise the funds necessary to keep the Rams where they belong, right here in St. Louis.” Barrett continues, “He realizes this is a huge uphill climb and he doesn’t expect it to be easy. But Randy is going to do his best to make a difference and he hopes to do it with the full support of the public.”

We know you are the PD Jason, you don’t have a piss on everything so it smells like you.  …also don’t get us started on those dreadful new commercials for Bernie’s mid-day show with you reading your lines like a coked out porno star.

Back to Karraker:  Its a noble effort to collect money, but if anyone is under the assumption that the donators will be “part owners” of the team, I got some bad news for you: (source)

Green Bay is the only team with [a public ownership] structure in the NFL; such ownership is technically in direct violation of league rules, which stipulate a limit of 32 owners of one team and one of those owners having a minimum 30% stake. However, the Packers corporation was grandfathered when the NFL’s current ownership policy was established, and are thus exempt.

All in all?  This is a good move by 101.  Its a fun little PR stunt with their most personable host at the focal point and when it all comes to a hault, the money goes to charity which makes the local Bonneville chapter look good to the Mormon overlords.

Meanwhile the staff at KFNS 590AM are getting their listeners to pool their money so they can afford the rest of that Frank Cusumano contract.

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