Come Buy Some Random Crap From St. Charles This Weekend!

Tyrone2Dude!  Oh man, what’s up?!

Don’t you recognize me?!  It’s St. Charles man!  Your boy St. Chuck!  …look, I’ve got a problem man.  Could I get a few bucks from  you?

No no no no!  Its not like that.  Its just…man…times are tough dude and I…I just need a little cash right now to get me through.

Ok ok.  Its not charity man!  I’m selling some stuff!   …um look, here’s a list.  See anything there you like?

I’ve got a Palm!  …kinda like an iPhone.  You need eight cardboard magazine holders?  No?  How about some well worn, 50 foot microphone cables?  Oh wait!  A Zip Drive!  You wanna a Zip Drive?  Its the eight track of the computer world dude!  You need to store something more than a floppy disk but don’t want to care around a cumbersome thumb drive with 22x the storage?  Zip drive that crap dude!

…lets see…what else do I have…

A doorbell that I’m not sure works?  Hmmm?  Office chair, with arms?  You love arms!

…ok fine, then how about you give me five bucks and I won’t stab  you?

[Editor’s Note: Everything listed in bold is the exact description from the list of crap they are “auctioning” off Sunday.]

Via our tipsters and STLToday.