Upgrades Are Happening. See You Monday!


We are taking today and the weekend to do a few behind the scenes upgrades here at PK headquarters.

You may have noticed recently that we have been experiencing more down time and some slowness issues.  Some of it is because of how and where this is run from and some of it is because we are getting kinda popular and are outgrowing our space a big.  Either way, that crap isn’t cool, so we have been spending some time planning upgrades to keep you guys getting all the Punching Kitty you need whenever you want it.

This weekend those upgrades are finally taking place!

Come Monday you shouldn’t notice a thing different other than it will go down a lot less [Editor’s Note: Giggity.] and the site should hopefully be a little zippier.

There will also be a short time, most likely Saturday evening where email will be out for us as well.  Other than that, please continue to send any tips our way.  Of course the tip-line will be functional all weekend: 314-266-TIPS so call or text your tips there!