Photoshopping St. Louis: Mr. Edwards’ Trolley

Hey neighbors! It looks like Mr. Joe Edwards is getting his trolley! [T]he federal government is pitching in $25-million toward a trolley car that would run between University City and western parts of St. Louis. This $44-million total project would run trolley cars between City Hall down Delmar, then south on Debaliviere to the Missouri history museum on Debaliviere in Forest park. For a while it looked like it may never happen, but now it looks like it could be in place as soon as 2012, according to Edwards. [Read More]

The Loop Trolley Cars: Classic or Modern?

If you are a fan of Punching Kitty on Facebook, you saw us post a link to the RFT article about Joe “Loop Godfather” Edward’s plans for the Loop Trolley take one step further. Exciting news to be sure, with its short run to Forest Park and back and its classic look, it will no doubt be a cool addition to the Loop and add to it’s “Coolest Street” cred. [Read More]

The Pageant’s Website Really Sucks

Let me start off with this. I’ve met Joe Edwards a few times now. He’s awesome. He’s done a lot of good for St. Louis and the Loop specifically. He sells one of the best hamburgers in the world at Blueberry Hill. …and his website for the Pageant sucks. I’m not sure when they redesigned this, but I hope it wasn’t long ago because knowing something like this existed in the world for longer than a few days makes me scared and nervous like Sigourney Weaver with the Alien running around her ship. [Read More]