Woah! Calm Down Rams Fans!

Here we were thinking a 4 – 4 team was pretty good after only managing 3 wins the last two years, but if you look at the faces in this picture of the stands during a recent game our tipster alerted us too you would think these people were watching an episode of NCIS. Freaking horrible show. Mark Harmon?! Really, you made a show staring Mark Harmon? We’ve gotten better performances from the parking lot guy that asks for “just a couple of bucks, whatever you’ve got on you” every day, or the guy that keeps handing us envelopes with “restraining orders” in them. Shame on you CBS, and shame on you Katy Perry. That show is horrible and these “stop or I’m calling the police” jokes are getting old. We both know we have a connection, please write back with your own blood sample enclosed. I can’t make our matching lockets without it!

Shame. On. You. Both.

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