The Rams’ Steven Jackson Gets Animated For Nickelodeon

In the next episode of Nickelodeon’s thrilling animated commercial for the NFL they force feed to your kids like its one of the fine programs that aren’t just a commercial for their toy, like…um…ok, one second…shit this is harder than we thought. Ok, nevermind. This seems cool I guess then, oh and the Rams’ Steven Jackson is in it this week!

According to the Nick Toons site, the episode of “NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core” (seriously, it’s called that) involves bullies harassing the main character…

…who has some crazy NFL magic happen to them and they show up by Steven Jackson’s locker who was luckily wearing that Rams t-shirt.

Then the mean kids shove Steven Jackson’s friend, the talking British football (again, seriously), off the bench!

After that, some stuff happens and Jackson delivers some lines about being nicer to people or whatever, after which the kids go out on the Edward Jones Done turf only to find something casting a shadow over the whole thing!

Oh no! It’s new Rams owner Stan Kroenke! Please Mr. Kroenke don’t take the team back to Los Angeles because of our bullying ways!

Oh and then the stadium cracks…

That last part didn’t really have any baring on the episode plot, the stadium is just a dump.

Show’s over! We hope you learned a lesson kids! Always treat people how you’d like to be treated, and make sure you have your parent around when you order your Steven Jackson Rams jersey on If your parents aren’t around though, or really busy or something, just go ahead and get their credit card. Try your mom’s purse.

Hat tip to Gail Pennington @ STLToday