East Alton Police Find Human Remains in East Alton

Police are investigating the area in East Alton where human remains were found Thursday morning. The crime scene is located at Broadway and Route 3 near QuikTrip. You know those QuikTrip churos look like they might be safe rolling around in that heating rolling thing, but those things…those things should just really be left alone.

More than 30 investigators and Cadaver dogs searched the scene where the parts were discovered.

Officials say the crime scene is very large, covering four to five acres.

Police also say they are not sure if the remains just of one person, or if they are male or female.

The remains have been collected by the police and are expected to be identified as early as today, but that task has proven difficult as recent tree removal work may have scattered the evidence.

Anyone know if KMOV’s Matt Chambers was anywhere near the Alton area recently? No one? Hmm. Oh come on, we know he didn’t do it! Crazy talk! Just askin’…but seriously though, no one’s seen Matt Chambers there any time recently?

via KMOV