St. Louis Cop Claims Responsibility for Leaked Crime Scene Photo

This is where we would normally ask if you remember the case a few days ago where a US Marshal was killed in the process of trying to take down one Carlos Boles and that since then, there as been a leaked crime scene Boles’ lifeless body leaked to the internet. We would say that, but we know that most of you already know this because people have been coming here in droves to see if we had it. (We didn’t.) But while all of you scoured the internet for a shot of the photo you’d been hearing about, authorities have been searching for who took and released the photo. Total lost cause though right? US Marshals, FBI, St. Louis Police…anyone in any of the groups we just mentioned could have leaked the photo and who’s to say which of those fine, up-standing organizations would have the nerve to leak a graphic crime scene photo in the middle of the investigation…oh god please please please please let it have been the FBI so St. Louis doesn’t come off looking like douche bags again…

An officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has come forward to admit taking a cell phone photo of a slain shooting suspect and making it public.


Police said the officer had access to the scene through his duties as a member of the department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, formerly known as the Mobile Reserve. The picture, snapped with a cellphone camera, started surfacing shortly after the shooting. The photo is of Boles’ bullet-riddled body, lying on the floor in the home.

Yeah, in the grand scheme, this particular incident probably doesn’t matter much. They guy obviously shot and killed a US Marshal and even if something like this stupid stunt were to get in the way of a conviction, Boles is dead. Still though, it makes the STL PD look like a bunch of “laugh at the shot up guy” hicks, you gotta wonder what else these guys are doing on other crime scenes don’t you? Yes, the STL PD are, despite their position in a losing war on crime, are great and we highly doubt that they are all snapping pics of dead people in active investigations, but after things like this questions are raised. There’s also the issue of STL PD public relations and this won’t help their case any in communities that are already pretty anti-police.

In an unrelated note, have you ever noticed the creepiness that is the header with Mike Bush and Kay Quinn? First off they’re always smiling, especially Bush, even above headlines like “Officer admits taking photo of dead suspect”. Not only that, but look how close he is behind Quinn. Here’s hoping that proximity is Photoshop based and not what actually went down at the photo shoot or Quinn might have had to feel Bush “delivering the good news” to her upper thigh during the whole thing.

via STLToday and KSDK