St. Louis Cop Claims Responsibility for Leaked Crime Scene Photo

This is where we would normally ask if you remember the case a few days ago where a US Marshal was killed in the process of trying to take down one Carlos Boles and that since then, there as been a leaked crime scene Boles’ lifeless body leaked to the internet. We would say that, but we know that most of you already know this because people have been coming here in droves to see if we had it. [Read More]

South St. Louis Gun Fight Ends With Suspect and US Marshal Dead

A scene right out of an action movie played out in St. Louis again yesterday when two city police officers and eight (8!) US Marshals showed up at the door of the wanted Carlos Boles. Taking Mr. Boles in to custody at his South City home did not go smoothly. Police and US Marshals then began a floor by floor search for Boles. Once discovered, the suspect fired and the law enforcement officials returned fire, according to William Sibert with the U. [Read More]