South St. Louis Gun Fight Ends With Suspect and US Marshal Dead

A scene right out of an action movie played out in St. Louis again yesterday when two city police officers and eight (8!) US Marshals showed up at the door of the wanted Carlos Boles. Taking Mr. Boles in to custody at his South City home did not go smoothly.

Police and US Marshals then began a floor by floor search for Boles. Once discovered, the suspect fired and the law enforcement officials returned fire, according to William Sibert with the U.S. Marshals Service. Two US Marshals and one St. Louis City Police Officer were hit. The suspect was also shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

The city police officer and one of the US Marshals are fine after being shot in the vest and ankle respectively, but the other injured Marhsal later died after suffering a gun shot wound to the head.

KSDK interviewed the Bole’s sister who had this to say:

A woman at the scene told NewsChannel 5’s Kasey Joyce she is the sister of the suspected shooter and was distraught. She said authorities came to serve him warrants and he said I am not going to jail and am not planning on coming out alive. She said he had served 10 years in prison.

Good info…it would have been better info if you had told someone before the cops walked in to a death trap. Thanks a lot. Hope you aren’t too “distraught” about your brother that basically told you he was going to kill cops that were only trying to do their job.

Boles was wanted on charges for second degree assault on a law enforcement officer, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of resisting arrest…well, at the time it was just the one count. Also, it may not be a crime, but by looking at the photo above, Boles may have been a perfect square of a man. He probably didn’t want to go back to prison because the other guys used him as a end table or stacked him with picnic tables against the prison walls to facilitate escape plans.

It’s rarely in good taste to make fun of recently deceased people, but in Boles case, we can make an exception.

via KSDK