Washington Meth Lab Doubled as a Daycare

Washington, Missouri police were about to bust yet another meth lab when the realized something: There’s more kids running around here than you would expect at a meth lab.

Authorities got a search warrant to search the residence around 1 p.m. on Saturday after a male occupant had recently been investigated for narcotics.

After police were inside, they found eight children sleeping.  According to police, a woman inside the home had drug paraphernalia in her hand when they arrived.  Upon further investigation, police found meth and a scale in a make-shift office and chemicals and debris in the basement garage.  All the rooms where the dangerous chemicals and drugs were kept were unlocked.  Police said the children could have gotten their hands on the illegal substances and possibly injured.

Eight children, all down for nap time and not only was there evidence of meth everywhere, but the school marm had a freaking pipe in her hands and the door to the “lab” was left unlocked. We’re also guessing that the battery acid for the meth was stored inside old juice containers and fresh rocks were stored in Pez dispensers for safe keeping.

All parents were contacted and each child was evaluated by a pediatrician.

Great…but none of these parents had a clue that they were dropping their kids off at a meth lab? Come on! They just said that there was evidence of drugs all over the place and the lady in charge was holding a crack pipe during a random sampling of her day and you want to tell us that none of these parents were just telling their meth buddies about their one-stop-shopping for kid removal/drug source?!

“What?! This place was also a meth lab?! No way. I am totally shocked…um…which is why my teeth are falling out…from the shock of this story, and this story alone, completely unrelated to any meth usage. Do you ever have bugs crawling under your skin when you’re really shocked too? Oh man…totally getting that right now! Well my child and I must be going now officer…not sure which one is mine…eh…this one looks close. Was there anything laying around with my name on it by chance? No? Ok! Cool. Just checking…there might have been a $20 laying around here then if they hadn’t gotten to my order…err…day care yet…you know what? Not important. Good day to you sir. Oops I just threw up on you! Still shocked I guess!”

via KMOV