The Spandex House of South City

We know what you’re thinking: Photos of Kirstie Alley jogging aren’t relatable to you…but wait! Look again. True enough, that’s a large amount of spandex wrapped around a huge immovable object, but it’s actually a house, not Kirstie Alley. Seriously. Keep looking…try squinting a little…the trick is to look through the picture. There you go! See? House. We know, it’s tough.

The house is on the corner of Arsenal and Iowa in South City and is indeed wrapped in white, gold chain-patterned, spandex. Why? It’s art or something…probably about the struggle of man or women’s oppression…or hell, maybe it’s the only way they can keep thugs from stealing the bricks off this house! Either way, when we drove by it yesterday, we just had to pull over for some photos:

h/t Riverfront Times

Update: As pointed out in the comments, for more info, you can (and should) hit up: Cosign Projects