The Spandex House of South City

We know what you’re thinking: Photos of Kirstie Alley jogging aren’t relatable to you…but wait! Look again. True enough, that’s a large amount of spandex wrapped around a huge immovable object, but it’s actually a house, not Kirstie Alley. Seriously. Keep looking…try squinting a little…the trick is to look through the picture. There you go! See? House. We know, it’s tough. The house is on the corner of Arsenal and Iowa in South City and is indeed wrapped in white, gold chain-patterned, spandex. [Read More]

Update: Former Cardinal Mike Matheny Still Squatting at Home

A few days ago we told you that former Cardinal catcher Mike Matheny might need to crash at your place for a little while. Nothing perminant. Just until he can get his feet under him. Two weeks tops…maybe a month. Oh and he says you’re out of Lucky Charms.

Former Cardinal catcher and still crowd favorite Mike Matheny is catching something else these days: Heat from a lawsuit filed against him and a few others by the Business Bank of St. Louis.

Matheny’s home is up for grabs and soon…like next Monday soon.  All yours for $2.5 Million dollars!

Our friends at Cards Diaspora came across this news and asked us for an update on Matheny’s situation.

From the excellent website Punching Kitty comes this tid-bit about former Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny: his house is in foreclosure and is or has been recently put up for public auction. Can we get PK to find out more about this story, please? Did this house sell? How the hell did Matheny get in this situation after only being retired a couple of seasons?

Ask and you shall receive! We have an update, but lets take these questions one at a time:

Can we get PK to find out more about this story, please?

Yes. Actually we just said that. Pay attention.

Did this house sell?

No! Our initial post on the dealings said that Matheny’s home was going on the auction block July 19th, but at the last second, the auction was cancelled. According to St. Louis Business Journal:

Larry Parres, the Lewis Rice attorney who represented the bank, confirmed the sale had been called off on the 10,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom home at 2034 Joe’s Way in Chesterfield.

Business Bank originally scheduled its foreclosure sale on the Matheny home for July 12 but then delayed the auction until [July 19th].

As of this writing we still couldn’t find any answer as to why the auction was killed the morning of it’s scheduled time, but as of right now the bank is still in control of Matheny’s home.

How the hell did Matheny get in this situation after only being retired a couple of seasons?

Matheny and his wife used their house as collateral for loans given out by the Business Bank to a real estate investment business owned, in part, by the Matheny’s. Not only that, but the Matheny’s are also on the hook for another 4.2 Million down do the same bank.

It appears investing in real estate was a bad idea in the last few years. Maybe he should have stuck to “Protege Baseball” videos.

via St. Louis Business Journal

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Another Moron Crashes in to Someone’s House

Is it just us that seems like way too many accidents happen where someone drives in to the side of someone’s freaking house? Its one thing to take out a mailbox or whatever, but it seems like at least once or twice a year some retard drives in to someone’s freaking house…right in the the freaking side of it…like what happened yesterday as reported (kinda, I mean there was nothing really about it on the page at the time of this writing) by KSDK. [Read More]