Can Former Cardinal Mike Matheny Crash At Your Place?

Former Cardinal catcher and still crowd favorite Mike Matheny is catching something else these days: Heat from a lawsuit filed against him and a few others by the Business Bank of St. Louis. … Did you see what I did there with saying he was a catcher and then saying he was catching things still, but then at the last second I was all like “Nope, not a baseball like you thought. He’s catching a ‘heat’!” …which you didn’t seem coming. That my friends is the art writing. Awesome awesome writing.

On Monday, the Business Bank of St. Louis purchased property in the 17000 block of North Outer Forty Drive in the Chesterfield Valley at a foreclosure auction.

That property, which holds a building on 11 acres, was owned in part by Matheny and his wife. It had been purchased for $10 million in 2007 by an investment group.

Matheny and his wife guaranteed roughly $4 million of the purchase with their Wildwood home. A lawsuit filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court on June 24 charges that payments on the property are in default and the bank is now suing Matheny, his wife and other guarantors for the funds.

Even Matheny’s home is up for grabs and soon…like next Monday soon.  All yours for $2.5 Million dollars!

The upside? Home boy needs a job now, so for those of you that wanted to see Matheny coaching full-time for the Cardinals may have got your wish.

via KSDK