St. Louis Costume Suggestions for Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween, so here’s a few costume ideas from your buddy Punching Kitty: ****Zombie Colby Rasmus It’s perfect! Get yourself a Toronto jersey, a crazy sense of entitlement and a try to pretend you don’t have a personality. Walk around saying stuff like “Yeah, I want brains, but I’m not really working on anything to get them. Don’t want to over think it. Plus my dad’s been viewing to tape and he thinks he knows where I can find some. [Read More]

The Cardinals’ 2011 Season: Mission Accomplished!

Our crack investigative team has uncovered an internal memo that Tony LaRussa sent his “underling” General Manager John Mozeliak apparently, just after the close of the 2010 season. It’s been a rough go so far, and while no one knows what the rest of the season will hold, it appears that “Mo” has pleased his Hall of Fame manager boss by completing the plan just ahead of schedule! Nicely done John! [Read More]

Are the Cardinals Shipping Rasmus to the White Sox?

Joe Strauss, of the Post Dispatch, stirred up the seemingly always simmering pot of crazy Colby Rasmus chili with a report stating that the Cardinals were in deep talks to trade their former top prospect to the Chicago White Sox for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson or reliever Matt Thornton. Five reasons why this deal might happen: Colby’s a head-case. He’s always sad about being picked on because of something, and while he may not deserve all the flack he gets, the center fielder never seems to handle it well. [Read More]

Birds of a Feather, Pose for Douchey Photos?

If I didn’t recognize the two on the left as St. Louis Cardinals Brendan Ryan and Colby Rasmus, I would say this picture appears to be the start of an amazing douche collection. It has it all, the guy that throws the peace sign everywhere, the “I’ve been rocking this so long it can’t possibly be ironic any longer” mustache and a straight up classic “Me Play Sports Good” face on young Colby in the middle. [Read More]

There is a “Colby Rasmus Girl” Now?

[Editor’s Note: One more sports post today. Sorry non-sports fans, but I think at least this one will be entertaining to all of us that like to laugh at the stupid things people put on YouTube.] Dammit Obama Girl and YouTube. Now every somewhat famous face gets its own “girl.” Don’t believe me? Even Cardinals center fielder Colby Rasmus has one apparently. …oh and this one’s not super talented with the singing or the dancing. [Read More]