There is a “Colby Rasmus Girl” Now?

[Editor’s Note: One more sports post today. Sorry non-sports fans, but I think at least this one will be entertaining to all of us that like to laugh at the stupid things people put on YouTube.]

Dammit Obama Girl and YouTube.  Now every somewhat famous face gets its own “girl.”  Don’t believe me?  Even Cardinals center fielder Colby Rasmus has one apparently.

…oh and this one’s not super talented with the singing or the dancing.  But hey, a crazy fan is a crazy fan right Colby?

Sadly, this video actually worked.  We hear that she got invited down to hang out with her lover-boy on the field towards the end of the season.

So, uh, where’s our “girl?”  Who wants to be the “Punching Kitty Girl?” …or rather, who already is?

Send us your submissions!  Oh and if there aren’t any girls that are down for this idea that read this, taking a video of your girlfriend while she sleeps, setting it to music, and sending it this way totally counts fellas.